Pillow Program

A comfortable bed and quiet of sleeping are the basis of regeneration, as well as a source of well-being and energy for a new day. The type and quality of the mattress and bed linen are of great importance, therefore, in consideration of our Guests, we have taken care of those facilities. The anti-allergy pillow menu and additional mattress pad allow you to customize the bed to your individual preferences.
ROLLER — helps in reducing the pain of the neck, back, legs, depending on the area of use. The roller provides great comfort and significantly improves the quality of sitting or sleeping, and also has a positive effect on the blood circulation.
ORTHOPAEDIC PILLOW — helps maintain a healthy posture during sleep. It gives adequate orthopaedic support for the neck and head. It reduces tension of muscle and arms as well as weakens headaches and neck aches.
It prevents snoring.
SOFT PILLOW — is ideal for people who like to sleep in the prone position. Soft and low pillow will provide comfort and maintain the spine in the correct position.
HARD PILLOW — is recommended for people who usually sleep on their back or on their side. The anatomical shape keeps the spine in a straight line, preventing headaches and aches of the neck.
All pillows in our hotel are anti-allergenic.
Bed mattresses in our hotel are made of high quality materials and characterized by high elasticity. Guests who prefer to rest on a soft surface are welcome to order additional THERMOELASTIC MATTRESS matching with the weight, shape and body position.
The Pillow & Bed Program is available upon request. Please contact our Reception Desk – phone 020.