Pillow Program

A healthy and comfortable sleep is a guarantee of a successful day and well-being. Besides the peace and quiet of sleeping, one's comfort is highly influenced by a properly chosen pillow. In consideration of our guests, we have introduced the Pillow Program. This way you can, on request, change the pillow to a different one that will provide comfort during rest at night.

You can choose from several types of pillows:

It helps in reducing the pain of the neck, back, legs, depending on the area of use. The roller provides great comfort and significantly improves the quality of sitting or sleeping, and also has a positive effect on the proper blood circulation.

It helps maintain a healthy posture during sleep. It gives adequate orthopaedic support for the neck and head. It reduces tension of muscle and arms as well as weakens headaches and neck aches. It prevents snoring.

Ideal for people who like to sleep in the prone position. Soft and low pillow will provide comfort and maintain the spine in the correct position.

Recommended for people who usually sleep on their back or on their side. The anatomical shape keeps the spine in a straight line, preventing headaches and aches of the neck.

All pillows in our hotel are anti-allergenic. 
The Pillow Program is available upon request:
Phone: 020