Mirage restaurant menu

Restauracja Mirage is one of the most charming places at the Airport Hotel Okęcie. Here, we offer delicious breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. All this is served in the form of rich, diverse smorgasbords, so no one leaves us hungry. In addition, the Restauracja Mirage menu includes splendid international cuisine dishes a la carte, which attract not only hotel guests but also Warsaw residents, who more and more often enjoy meetings with relatives in this venue.

Coffee with liqueur PLN 20.00
American coffee PLN 9.00
Decafeinated coffee PLN 6.00
Espresso PLN 9.00
Double espresso PLN 14.00
Latte PLN 14.00
Grande latte PLN 16.00
Cappuccino PLN 12.00
Hot chocolate PLN 10.00
Tea PLN 7.00
Leaf tea PLN 7.50
Salad with smoked cheese, grilled chicken and sun dried tomato served with crispy lettuce choice PLN 31.00
Chef’s salad: crispy lettuce with ham, asparagus, hard-boiled egg, cheese, tomato, cucumber, on a bed of toasts with cocktail sauce PLN 32.00
Caesar salad with grilled chicken in Parmesan cheese petals, crunchy croutons and mustard sauce PLN 35.00
Greek salad with tomato, cucumber, and pepper on the leaves of crisp lettuce with feta cheese, olives, and vinaigrette PLN 30.00
Brie and pear salad: Brie, grilled pear, fennel, caramelized wheat, baby spinach, grain mustard sauce PLN 31.00
Tiramisu dipped in chocolate ball served with Champagne dressing PLN 23.00
Smoked brownie with Alunga ice cream and chocolate mousse PLN 20.00
White chocolate mousse with passion fruit mousse, black lilac and black currant sauce PLN 21.00
Assorted cheeses place a great variety of blue, hard and smoked cheeses, served with fruits and crackers; for two person PLN 30.00
Boletus soup cooked on vegetable broth with fresh boletus mushrooms and cream PLN 24.00
Thai soup with shrimps and salmon PLN 28.00
Beetroot soup with minced meat dumplings PLN 17.00
Paprika Cream with aromatic smoked chicken PLN 19.00
Broth of guinea fowl with noodles PLN 19.00
Żywiec 0.33 l / PLN 10.00
Desperados 0.4 l / PLN 12.00
Paulaner 0.4 l / PLN 15.00
Corona 0.33 l / PLN 12.00
Żywiec – alcohol-free 0.33 l / PLN 9.00
Polish beer 0.5 l / PLN 15.00
Chicken fillets breaded in corn flakes, served with french fries and garlic sauce PLN 37.00
Veal chop served over potato tart with carrot puree PLN 42.00
Guinea fowl breast marinated with honey and rosemary, served with grilled zucchini, gratin potatoes and romanesco cauliflower PLN 43.00
Stewed beef cheeks with bison grass sauce, served with grilled root vegetables, black lentil and fried oyster mushrooms PLN 46.00
Beefsteak Chateaubriand served with french fries and seasoned vegetables and choice of sauces: béarnaise, mushroom or green pepper PLN 76.00
Entrecote served with grilled vegetables and cream sauce PLN 61.00
Pork sirloin Zakopane style marinated in pepper served with grilled potatoes, oscypek cheese, bacon with pickled cucumber and cranberry sauce PLN 51.00
King prawns fried in butter with coloured pepper and brandy with garlic bread PLN 63.00
Home-made Polish dumplings stuffed with sauerkraut and mushrooms, boiled or fried PLN 23.00
Home-made Polish dumplings stuffed with chanterelle served on mushrooms sauce PLN 30.00
Home-made Polish dumplings stuffed with meat, boiled or fried PLN 28.00
Podlaski-style dumplings with potato and bacon filling hand-made in our kitchen, boiled or fried PLN 25.00
Żywiec 0.33 l / 9.00; PLN, 0.5 l / PLN 12.00
Heineken 0.3 l / 10.00 PLN; 0.5 l / PLN 14.00
Guinness 0.25 l / 11.00 PLN; 0.5 l / PLN 16.00
Pappardelle with chicken and Roquefort cheese PLN 29.00
Whole grain maccheroncini with mascarpone, dried tomato, grilled zucchini, basil and roasted pumpkin seeds PLN 35.00
Tagliolini with chanterelles, fresh spinach, and dried tomatoes, topped with Parmesan PLN 30.00
Spaghetti Pescatore with king prawns, mussels, and Parmesan PLN 34.00
Garganelli served with duck ragu with dates, chestnuts, shallot and green asparagus PLN 39.00
Red caviar on ice with extras and hot toasts PLN 45.00
Beef carpaccio with balsamic-wine sauce and cheese PLN 43.00
Salmon from our smokehouse with fresh grapefruit and yoghurt sauce PLN 33.00
Tartar steak with chopped onion, pickle, mushrooms and spices served with flavoured olive oil (yolk is served on request)‏ PLN 35.00
Goat cheese served with cherries in wine, pumpkin mousse, filo pastry with honey, corn salad, pine nuts and vinaigrette PLN 32.00
Fresh orange or grapefruit juice 0.3 l / PLN 16.00
Cappy juice (orange, grapefruit, apple, blackcurrant, or tomato) 0.2 l / PLN 6.00
Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero, Coca-Cola Light, Sprite, Fanta, Kinley 0.2 l / PLN 7.00
Burn 0.25 l / PLN 12.00
Kropla Beskidu mineral water – still / sparkling 0.25 l / PLN 6.00
Nestea 0.25 l / PLN 8.00
Perrier mineral water 0.33 l / PLN 12.00
Acqua Panna mineral water 0.25 l / PLN 10.00
S. Pellegrino mineral water 0.25 l / PLN 10.00
Ostromecko mineral water 0.33 l / PLN 6.00; 0.7 l / PLN 12.00
Grilled salmon with squids and shrimps with paprika sauce, boiled carrot and orzo noodles PLN 56.00
Halibut fillet baked with fresh avocado with boiled potatoes PLN 49.00
Oven baked sea bass with orange and parsley olive oil, served with green vegetables PLN 68.00