Mirage restaurant menu

Restauracja Mirage is one of the most charming places at the Airport Hotel Okęcie. Here, we offer delicious breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. All this is served in the form of rich, diverse smorgasbords, so no one leaves us hungry. In addition, the Restauracja Mirage menu includes splendid international cuisine dishes a la carte, which attract not only hotel guests but also Warsaw residents, who more and more often enjoy meetings with relatives in this venue.

Spicy chickpea paste, homemade bread | 18 PLN
Grilled vegetable salad with quinoa cereal, Smoked aubergine paste, wild lettuce, lemon-honey dressing | 27 PLN
Stewed peeled barley with root vegetables, sunflower sprouts, pumpkin seeds | 25 PLN
Tagliatelle spelled, dried tomatoes, coconut milk, marinated ginger | 37 PLN
Oriental tuna tartar, marinated cucumber, leek, chili, wasabi mayonnaise | 45 PLN
Warmian sirlion carpaccio , wild lettuce, fried boletus, cocktail tomatoes, mustard honey sauce, ripe cheese flakes 45 PLN
Beef tartare chopped onion, pickled cucumber, pickled mushrooms, sardine in oil |37 PLN
Fried ripened goat cheese, grilled vegetables, pomegranate fruits, sunflower sprouts, smoked eggplant pasta | 34 PLN
King prawns fried in butter with red pepper and Brandy, wild lettuce, garlic bread | 55 PLN
Marinated octopus in garlic and parsley, salsa with baked tomatoes, lemon-honey dressing | 55 PLN
Spaghetti Pescatore, fresh pasta, tiger prawns, New Zealand mussels, squid, basil, chili | 45 PLN
Black tagliolini, with roast duck, cabbage bok choy, coriander and sprouts | 38 PLN
Pappardelle with chicken, blue cheese and leaves of young spinach | 34 PLN
Sepia Risotto: smoked halibut, stewed broad bean with chorizo, baked cherry tomatoes | 42 PLN
Dumplings with chanterelles with mushroom sauce | 31 PLN
Dumplings with meat, with onion and smoked bacon | 27 PLN
Grilled salmon, saffron risotto, roasted cabbage bok choy, fried shrimps in chili | 56 PLN
Cod fillets with a herbal bread, young potatoes, celery, remoulade souce | 47 PLN
Chicken breast, broad bean and chanterelle ragout, tomato jam, potato cream | 39 PLN
Pork loins in Zakopane, smoked cheese, potatoes, smoked bacon, pickled cucumber, cowberry | 51 PLN
Beef cheeks in bison grass sauce, grilled vegetables, oyster mushrooms, mashed potatoes with chives | 49 PLN
Bighead Lamb, Peeled barley with bison grass, boletuses in butter, sheep cheese dip | 61 PLN
Caesar salad with crispy Roman lettuce, with grilled chicken or king prawns bacon chips, garlic toasts, Parmesan cheese flakes 37 PLN / 53 PLN
Greek style salad with feta cheese tomatoes, cucumber, rustichella olives | 33 PLN
Rocket salad with marinated mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, basil pesto, black olive salsa | 33 PLN
Thai salad with beef, crispy lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion, coriander, spring onion, peanuts | 37 PLN
Mousse of maracia and yuzu citrus with fresh fruit, yogurt ground, enclosed in chocolate cacao beans | 28 PLN
Tiramisu enclosed in chocolate ball served with Champagne souce | 25 PLN
Smoked brownie with Alunga ice cream and chocolate mousse | 24 PLN
Apple pie with bison grass and quince passion fruit and black lilac mousse with and black currant sauce | 25 PLN
Assorted cheeses plate a great variety of blue, hard and smoked cheeses, served with fruits and crackers for two person | 33 PLN
Oriental broth with wonton dumplings with chicken, cabbage bok choy, mun mushrooms, spring onion, chili | 24 PLN
Parsnip and Tuberous sunflower cream, cold pressed rapeseed oil, organic radish sprouts | 20 PLN
Thai coconut milk soup, curry, salmon and shrimp | 28 PLN
Cold beet soup with egg | 18 PLN